The Village at Mary's Woods

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Village Update 3/6/20


Nathman, MW Community Event space, furnished main room

Event space entry

Event space staging area, private dining

End of Report

Progress Report, 2-14-20

MW Ph II Construction Project 


Curb cut and accessibility ramp

Reis Building entry

MW Offices open

Providence work space

Providence Fire Marshal inspection

Nathman Community Event space

There should be 400 of these photos, but thanks to the many hands who made the work light!

End of Report

Progress Report, 1-27-20

MW Ph II Construction Project 

Hwy 43 Monument signage

Smile Oswego Dental clinic signage

Reis public restroom

Providence tenant improvement

MW Offices tenant improvement

MW Community Event Space tenant improvement

Bldg N tower looking northeast toward Provincial House

End of Report

Progress Report, 1-8-20

MW Ph II Construction Project


Reis Level 2, Smile Dental reception area

Reis Level 1, Ovation Coffee accent paint, tile floors

Nathman, Mary’s Woods Community Event space, paint

Gallagher Level 2, Providence Tenant Improvement

Cabinets, Exam & Treatment rooms, typical

Low voltage center

Main reception lobby tile floors

End of Report

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